Outdoor Lighting

  • Street/Pole Lights

    These are highly efficient and suit the lighting needs of a City's Streets, Municipal roadways, Bridges & Housing projects.

  • Decorative Lights

    Decorative Lights are ideal for lighting your pathways, gardens, streets or bridges. These turn on and off instantly and are significant energy-savers.

  • Flood Lights

    Flood Lights are the most energy efficient and environmental friendly replacements for your incandescent floodlights. These also last 100 times longer.

  • Wall Packs

    Wall Packs offers a compact, and highly efficient exterior lighting solution for your homes and businesses. These lights have powerful light output, good light color, and the extremely long lamp life.

  • Gas Station/Canopy Lights

    These are ideal environmental-friendly, cost-effective solutions for your building's exterior, entryways or parking garages.

Indoor Lighting

  • Tube Lights

    Tube Lights are well-suited for use anywhere including homes, offices, museums, galleries, shop windows, hotels, restaurant, meeting rooms and so on, just like tube lighting and conventional fluorescent lights.

  • Retrofit Lights

    Retrofit Kits are designed to be recessed in T-bar grid ceilings. Designed with a bracket feature that allows the luminaire to be suspended during installation that enables a quick and easy installation.

  • Highbay/ Lowbay Lights

    Highbay/lowbay lights are energy efficient and low maintenance for your warehouse or a recreation center. Helps in lighting large areas with a few light fixtures.

  • Down-Lights

    Down Lights are perfect for your hotels or office buildings. These are easy to install and can replace the traditional down lights.