For healthcare facilities, it’s of paramount importance to think about the comfort of its audience – patients. The lighting, as you may imagine, makes a huge difference to the mental state of a person and the right solution helps a lot in easing the stress of patients. Our LED solutions bring in the right balance of energy savings while ensuring the amount of light per unit space is also maintained optimally. While there is a variation in the need of lighting in terms of indoor and outdoor spaces, we have the perfect mix of LED solutions that can give you a holistic experience as well as a sustainable replacement for traditional lighting. The environmentally-friendly luminaires contain no mercury or lead, perfect for facilities that are working towards Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Certification. Their energy efficiency also earns tax breaks from Federal government and cash-back incentives from utility companies.

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Presenting your guests with the right light solution ensures their relaxation levels as well as takes care of your energy savings needs. If you are still using the traditional halogen lights for grabbing guest attention, then you are in a treat of almost 70% savings just by shifting to LED solutions. Our LED solutions will provide you the unique experience that you wish your guests will remember for a long time. A comfortably lit indoor place is as important as the brightly lit outdoor areas’ safety and security needs. Guests are particularly proud about being at eco-friendly and green initiatives and this does not have to burn a hole in your pockets. We provide efficient and cost-effective LED solutions to cater to both indoor and outdoor lighting needs.


The simplest way to reducing carbon footprint ‘and’ saving on energy costs is to replace traditional lights with the newer more efficient LED solutions. Another peculiar aspect of manufacturing facilities is the variance in temperature requirements within the facility, from heated furnaces to cold storages. LED lights function optimally in both scenarios and deliver better performances as the temperature lowers. While our LED solutions provide better lumens than older lights, the long lifetime of LEDs in general also brings down the maintenance costs. If you are the one with facing huge costs in maintaining older induction lights at high ceilings then our LED solution will keep the handy man away much longer than you anticipate.

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Auto Dealerships

Along with hospitality, auto dealerships have the highest requirement of a sales conducive ambience and none better than LED solutions to give you the perfect edge. Every space of your campus has a different angle of requirement to which our holistic solutions cater to. While going green is a major initiative across the country and world, LED lights provide you the much needed energy savings. With its long lifetime and low maintenance costs, you stand to gain far more than the initial setup costs. Imagine the current response times for maintenance guys to replace the couple of lights gone kaput and you cant stop your customers wondering about those dark spots. LED lights are also known to bring out the true colors thereby ensuring the right choice of customers in your campus as post the sale. Often a lot lesser lights are required with LED solutions than the traditional lightings. This enables a cleaner setup for your campus. A more relaxed walk for your customers while your sales staff show them around makes it a comfortable experience taking them closer to taking decisions.


A well light neighborhood and road infrastructure ensures a safer and secure environment for the residents of the municipality. Implementing this does not have to be a huge cost burden. Along with energy savings and low maintenance costs, LED solutions are known to be better experience for residents and city police to easily identify vehicles on the road and otherwise. We have the expertise in planning out a phase-wise rollout for municipalities of various sizes thereby ensuring affordable initial setup costs and bringing the optimum results for the residents and other stakeholders.

Parking Structure

Parking garages are known to be energy guzzlers during non peak hours. Our LED solutions provide the optimal lighting for such requirements all the while ensuring better quality of experience. Sustainability is a key factor while investing in and managing parking infrastructures. LED lights provide the lowest maintenance costs due to their long lifetime. With infrequent calls to maintenance department, managing parking garages becomes a lot easier on the management. The superior quality of LED lights have known to provide better results for security to monitor the place in real time or while perusing offline footage. Identifying vehicles and pedestrians in their true color ensures providing a safer yet cost effective solution.