LED Lighting Enterprises LLC envisions to be a key provider and innovator in the field of LED lights in North America. While we equip ourselves with the right processes to deliver excellence, we ensure that our entrepreneurial spirit and dedication brings a ‘little extra’ to our diverse customer base.

Having pioneered the application of LED technology in various industries over a decade ago, we have kept our eye on remaining agile and flexible to cater to businesses of all sizes. We leverage the latest technologies in making this happen.

Built upon experience, technology and a proactive workforce, LED Lighting Enterprises LLC provides customized solutions that fulfills our client’s ambitions.

Our end-to-end solutions are guaranteed to achieve savings of 50% or more in energy usage.



Vivek Kamath is an entrepreneur who excels in tapping the ‘next big thing’ across industries. His first venture was in health care wherein he successfully setup international partnerships to greatly improve the health care services provided in India.

Subsequently he was invited to the prestigious Lilavati Hospital Mumbai project with responsibility of setting up of various departments and formulating systems, policies and procedures. As the IT boom began in Bengaluru, Vivek was sure to be part of it and was engaged by Philips Netherlands in setting up their India operations.

Envisioning a global setup Vivek moved to US in 1999 and since then has setup two successful ventures in Consulting and Services (Healthcare & Engineering IT). Given the exciting future of LED & SSL applications, Vivek has continued his pioneering streak and setup LED Lighting Enterprises LLC. With a unique mix of resources, industry experiences and international network, Vivek promises to deliver superior insights, highly differentiated programs and exceptional results for his clients and investors.


Cindy Semrau is a proactive business professional with over 30 years of experience working with businesses in an executive position. As the Vice President of a local chamber of commerce for over 27 years – she has built many relationships – both professional and personal. Her past involvement in the business sector and the local community – has helped her gain the respect and confidence from the businesses she approaches. Cindy has strong communication and networking skills and is geared to continue building strong and successful business partners.

Cindy has been in the LED Industry since 2013 and has built a customer base and clientele of over 75 businesses. Varying from Car dealerships, office buildings, parks and numerous parking lots – Cindy has successfully worked with these industries to install LED retrofits to their property.

Cindy works closely with electrical contractors, utility companies, Energy Conservation Committees – as well as direct sales to numerous businesses. It is a win-win for all – helping customers realize their savings – in both energy and dollars- when switching to LED Lighting.

My promise is to deliver the best in LED solutions for your lighting needs, while saving you dollars and being energy efficient.

Cindy has been a Wallingford, CT resident since 1977.

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